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Verida One Docs

Verida One Docs

Verida One is a public, decentralized platform that allows you to showcase every side of you, across Web2, Web3, online, and IRL.

🧭 Mission

Our mission is to provides people with a single source of truth that represents their ownership, affiliations, activities and social identity across all their web platforms.

People should be able to manage all their identities, and control their data and manage their reputation.

🔍 Vision

We want everyone to be able to showcase who they are and what they are doing with other humans and apps.

We want everyone to have a trusted source of data, that they own, that provides trust, identity and reputation when interacting with others.


What is Verida One?

Verida One is a public, decentralized platform that allows users to showcase who they are across both Web2 and Web3.


How does Verida One work?

A Verida One profile allows a user to aggregates their existing social identities from across Web2 and Web3 so they can show the many facets of themselves in one place.

This includes verified Web2 identities from platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as Web3 identities that include NFTs (avatars and others) and SBTs (Soulbound Tokens).

These verified social identities are available on chain, making the information easily accessible to on-chain dApps.


Users can have multiple identities that represent different facets they want to present in different contexts (for example a professional and a personal profile). When full implementation is complete, users will have full control over what is shown and what is hidden on their Verida One profile. Initially, limited controls will be made available in the Verida Vault.


Why is Verida launching Verida One?

Web2 is about sharing, Web3 is about ownership.

Current Web2 users have a set of services that allow them to display places they are sharing their identity and activities (LinkTree is an example of this).

Web3 currently focuses on transferable, financialised assets, rather than encoding social relationships of trust. Many core activities in the real world are built on persistent, non-transferable relationships.

Web3 lacks a service to aggregate, share and prove these existing social identities. Existing reputation primarily relies on allocation of capital, but many of the most interesting use cases of reputation are not financially based.

There is no easy solution for users to import, verify and prove existing Web2 identities and reputation, which is necessary infrastructure to link this critical Web2 metadata to Web3 dApps and new use cases.

🎬 Get Started

  • Download the Verida Wallet
  • Sign up for the Verida One waitlist (coming soon)
  • Set up your Verida One Profile (coming soon)


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