Verida Wallet

Verida Wallet

What is the Verida Wallet?

The Verida Wallet is a mobile application that acts as both a “Data Wallet” and a “Crypto Wallet” for end users. It provides private key management and a user-friendly interface for interacting with the Verida network and supported blockchains.

The Wallet is the entry point for end users to manage their identity, sign into apps, manage their personal data, send/receive messages and manage blockchain transactions/tokens.

The Verida Wallet is available on iOS and Android.

What can I do with the Verida Wallet?

You can create decentralized identities, manage your private keys, blockchain wallets, and facilitate Single-Sign-On (SSO) across an ecosystem of Web3 apps.

You can have multiple identities in the Verida Wallet. For example, one account for work and another for personal interactions. You can manage and switch between multiple identities in the app.

Privacy is a key feature of the Wallet. The Wallet empowers you to own and control your personal data. You can browse your decrypted data, consensually share it, and allow it to be queried without moving it to a different storage service.

The Verida Wallet is built with a secure data inbox. This enables you to send and receive private, encrypted messages between applications and other users on the network. What’s more, you can use the Account Explorer to search for a Decentralized ID (DID).

The Wallet has a streamlined sign-in experience with simple authentication and anti-phishing architecture, with decentralized apps developed on the Verida network. Signing into an application unlocks the ability to perform crypto transactions and an encrypted, private database for application data.

The Wallet has a built-in multi-chain crypto wallet. You can interact with any supported blockchain by signing transactions and transferring assets. It supports Ethereum, NEAR, Algorand and Polygon.

The Verida Wallet supports WalletConnect v1 and v2. With WalletConnect support users can login to applications directly from their mobile and access the growing dApp ecosystems on multiple blockchains.

How can I get started with the Wallet?

To learn more about the Verida Wallet and get started check our guides: